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The food

Breakfast and dinner are served in the dining room on the 1st floor. Through the half-open door, you may catch a glimpse of Michel cooking, as he officiates with unmitigated pleasure in the kitchen. Aperitif is served in the lounge, or in the garden if weather permits. We invite you to our table d'hôtes, every evening if you want. Come and find out more about what have in store for you : typical local dishes, exotic specialties as part of a more elaborate menu or savours of the past. We cater for our guests as we do for our friends : with passion, respect and love. Depending on availability on the local markets, Michel will draw his inspiration from old handed-down recipes or those of renowned chefs. Our menus will typically follow the march of seasons and make the best of the local produces. A carefully selected wine card plus Françoise's warm welcome will make your stay at Gaussignac a unique and unforgettable experience.


Michel et Françoise Goosse
Rue de l'Eglise 37 - B-6870 Hatrival
Tel. : +32 61 41 29 57
GSM : +32 475 77 02 38