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The house

The bedrooms

Our spacious, uncomplicated and cosy rooms are all equipped with a private bathroom, including an Italian-style shower (a bathtub in the Pierre room). We chose the bedding with particular care for your comfort : a large bed (180x200 cm, i.e. 5.90x6.50 ft.), carefully selected bed linen, with refined and timeless material.



Michel et Françoise Goosse
Rue de l'Eglise 37 - B-6870 Hatrival
Tel. : +32 61 41 29 57
GSM : +32 475 77 02 38

Information on the reopening

Without certainty for the reopening date, online reservations are possible from July 1. Reservations for the month of June only by email.

October 19, 2020,
Guest rooms are subject to the same rules as hotels for Covid-19: meals in the room, no access to common rooms, etc...
With us, our rooms do not allow meals and we must prohibit access to the living room, if only to read or share a friendly moment. We are forced to close.

April 14, 2021,
The government announces the opening of the terraces from May 8. Given the location of our terrace, we cannot receive you in sufficiently comfortable conditions. And let's not forget, we are in the Ardennes, at an altitude of 426 meters. Finally, the weather is impossible to predict between booking and your stay. In the event of bad weather, we have no fallback.
This relaxation does not change anything, we remain closed.

We hope that the opening can be done in June, under the same conditions as summer 2020 (see our protocol for details).
We look forward to seeing you again very soon, in the meantime take care of yourself and your loved ones.